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2016年职称英语综合类B级完型填空演习11 - 考试神奇网

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内容摘要:  Family History  In an age when technology is developing faster than ever before, many people are being (1) attracted to the idea of looking back into the past...

  Family History

  In an age when technology is developing faster than ever before, many people are being (1) attracted to the idea of looking back into the past. One way they can do this is by ìinvestigating their own family history. They can try to (2) find out more about where their families came from and what they did, This is now a fast—growing hobby, especially in countries with a (3) fairly short history, like Australia and the United States.

  It is (4) one thing to spend some time (5) going through a book on family history and to take the (6) decision to investigate your own family's past. It is (7) quite another to carry out the research work successfully. It is easy to set about it in a disorganized way and (8) cause yourself many problems which could have been (9) avoided with a little forward planning.

  If your own family stories tell you that you are (10) connected with a famous character, whether hero or criminal, do not let this idea take over your research. Just (11) treat it as an interesting possibility. A simple system (12) for collecting and storing your information will be adequate to start with; a more complex one may only get in your (13) way. The most important thing, though, is to (14) get started. Who knows what you (15) might find ?


  attract / ə'trækt/ v. 吸引,有吸引力 investigate / in'vestiɡeit / v. 查询拜访,研究

  disorganize v. 扰乱,瓦解 criminal /'kriminəla/ adj. 形式的,犯罪的

  adequate /'ædikwit / adj. 充足的,适当的 complex adj. 错综复杂的


  1. It is one thing ... , it is another thing ... : 一方面……,另一方面……

  2. One way+从句 is by doing ... :做某事的方法之一是经由过程……


  1. A) pushed   B) attracted  C) fetched  D) brought

  2. A) lay    B) make   C) put   D) find

  3. A) fairly   B) greatly   C) mostly   D) widely

  4. A) a   B) one   C) no   D) some

  5. A) seeing   B) moving  C) going   D) even

  6. A) idea   B) plan   C) purpose  D) decision

  7. A) quite   B) just   C) more   D) living

  8. A) produce  B) cause   C) build   D) create

  9. A) missed  B) lost   C) avoided  D) escaped

  10. A) connected  B) joined C) attached  D) related

  11. A) treat  B) control   C) contact  D) direct

  12. A) with  B) by   C) for   D) through

  13. A) track  B) path   C) road   D) way

  14. A) get   B) appear   C) be   D) feel

  15. A) should  B) might  C) ought   D) must


  1. B 根据高低文,句意为人们被追溯旧事所吸引。A 选项 push 与介词 to 搭配意为"推向";C选项 fetch 做不及物动词为"取得,拿到";D 选项 brought 与介词 to 搭配意为"恢复知觉";而 选项 B attracted 与介词 to 搭配意为"被……吸引",故选 B。

  2. D 根据句意"人们试图查明更多的历史",此处动词应有"查找,查明"之意。A 选项 lay out 意为"安排,设计" ,B 选项 make out 意为"理解,辨认出";C 选项 put out 意为"熄灭,出版", 均与句意不符;D 选项 find oùt 有"找出,查明"之意。故选 D。

  3. A 本题考核副词。个中 B 选项 greatly 意为"很,大大地";C 选项 mostly 意为"主要地,平日";D 选项 widely 意为"广泛地"。本句句意为"……特别是那些有相当短历史的国 家……"根据句意只有 A 选项 fairly 有"相当"的意思,相符句意,故选 A。

  4. B 考核固定搭配。It is one thing ... ,it is quite another thing ... "一方面……,另一方面……",故选 B

  5. C 考核介词搭配。A 选项目e 与 through 搭配意为"看穿,识破";B 选项 move 与介词through 搭配意为"穿过";D 选项 live 与 through 搭配意为"度过,经受住"。根据句意"…… 花费时间去仔细查阅一本书……"只有 C 选项 go through" 经受,仔细检查"相符句意,故选C 。

  6. D 句意为"并促使你决心去商量家族的以前" A 选项为"主意,概念";B 选项 plan 为"计划";只有选项 D 有"下决心"之意。take the decision to do 是短语,下定决心做某事。故选D。

  7. A 本题考核固定搭配。It is one thing ... , it is quite another thing ... "一方面……,另一方面……"。故选 A。

  8. B 句意为"但假如开始有一点点计划,就能避免引起那么多麻烦。"此处应选择与 problem相搭配有"引起"之意的动词。A 选项 produce 为"制造";C 选项 build 意为"建筑";D 选项create 意为"创造,创作";选项 B cause 意为"引起,使发生,导致,招致",经常与 troubles,

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